Piers Anthony — Stork Naked, 2007 год

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Stork Naked - Piers Anthony

Macmillan Publishers / —
Surprise Golem has just lost her brand-new baby. The Stork assigned to deliver her eagerly awaited Bundle of Joy has inexplicably refused to surrender it, flying off instead through a hole in the fabric of reality.
Now, to track down her offspring, Surprise must lead an ill-assorted assemblage of confederates on a desperate quest through dozens of different Xanths. But sinister, unseen forces are determined to stop her. And in order to find her child, Surprise may have to lose her heart.
Startling, stimulating, stirring, and surprising, Stork Naked is a rollicking and revealing new fantasy adventure lusciously laced with dozens of dangers and delights, lovingly fashioned with all of Piers Anthony’s celebrated storytelling skills.

ISBN: 9780765343123
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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Piers Anthony — Air Apparent, 2008 год

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Air Apparent - Piers Anthony

Macmillan Publishers / —
When the Good Magician Humfrey’s son Hugo suddenly vanishes, his disappearance sets in motion a series of madcap misadventures that send a collection of colorful characters on a perilous pair of parallel quests. Among them are Debra, a pretty young girl beset by an obnoxious curse; Hugo’s beloved wife Wira, whose sightlessness is balanced by a talent for sensitivity, Happy and Fray, a pair of sprightly storm-spirits; Nimbus, the Demon Xanth’s own son; and the mysterious outlaw known as the Random Factor.
As they travel through some of the magical realm’s most astonishing locales, these unwitting adventurers discover they are key players in a grand drama whose origins reach back to the origins of time itself.
Filled with exhilaration and excitement, ribaldry and romance, «Air Apparent» is a fabulous new fantasy saga from the lively imagination of master storyteller Piers Anthony.

ISBN: 978-0-7653-4313-0
мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
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