Sinclair Charles — Cook’s Dictionary, A (A-Z of International Food & Cook), 2004 год

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Cook's Dictionary, A (A-Z of International Food & Cook) - Sinclair Charles

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A Cook’s Dictionary is the indispensable companion for everyone who loves reading about food — or actually cooking it.
We live in a globalised world, and our tastes in food have widened dramatically in recent years. A Cook’s Dictionary reflects this huge cultural shift. Truly international in scope, it includes over 25,000 food terms from the classic regions such as France and Italy, but also from Afghanistan, Iceland, Iran, Lithuania, West Africa and Yemen. With concise descriptions of dishes, ingredients, equipment, and techniques, it brings the world’s cuisines, familiar and less familiar, within our grasp.

ISBN: 9780747572268
твердый переплет, 640 стр.
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