Toby Manning — The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd, 2006 год

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The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd - Toby Manning

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The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd is the ultimate companion to the band that changed the sound and scale of pop music forever. Features include: The Story: from the Syd Barrett era, the Dark Side Of The Moon phenomenon to their transformation into one of the world’s biggest bands, The Musi: 50 essential Floyd songs and the stories behind them, plus all the albums and recording sessions, side-projects and solo careers, Floyd On Film: the movies and film soundtracks from The Wall and More to Zabriskie Point and Pink Floyd at Pompeii, Floydology file: the cover versions, rarities, DVDs, books and websites. From the psychedelic happenings of 60s London to the arena gigs, world tours and Live 8 reunion — it’s all here.

ISBN: 978-1-84353-575-1
мягкая обложка, 312 стр.
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