Valeria Manferto De Fabianis — Wildlife, 2007 год

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Wildlife - Valeria Manferto De Fabianis

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White Star’s bestselling CubeBook series has earned a reputation for presenting high-quality images in an appealing, affordable format. Featuring exotic species and familiar favorites, these images capture fleeting moments in the lives of a vast international menagerie of wild animals. Readers experience untamed creatures caring for their young, hunting for food, basking in the sun, grooming, and in other everyday activities that, when viewed through the lens of these photographers, become very special indeed. We are whisked away on a tour of the world’s wild life, from the big cats and noble elephants of the African savanna to crocodiles and hippopotamuses and tropical-jungle monkeys to more familiar creatures such as bears and foxes that live in the northern forests. Presented in the trademark chunky, tactile format of the CubeBooks, these photos bring to life these animals’ physical beauty, and convey the unique qualities that makes each of them an integral part of our ecosystem. Animal lovers both young and young at heart will cherish this appealing book.

ISBN: 978-88-544-0195-2
твердый переплет, 736 стр.
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