Vivian French — Ellie and Elvis, 2006 год

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Ellie and Elvis - Vivian French

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A charming tale with a touch of monkey mischief by highly-acclaimed author Vivan French, and with glowing, magical illustrations from the best-selling Michael Terry.
Ellie and Elvis were best friends. They both liked bananas. They both loved oranges. And they both adored dancing under the light of the moon…
But then, one day, things went badly wrong…
It’s rotten when a misunderstanding threatens to come between two best friends, which is exactly what happens to Ellie and Elvis. When their oranges and bananas go missing, the two elephants start to suspect each other of greedy guzzling. But who is the real culprit?
Falling out may be miserable indeed, but how wonderful it is when those valuable friendships are finally restored!

ISBN: 9780747584032
мягкая обложка, 32 стр.
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