Walker George — Financial Services Law, 2006 год

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Financial Services Law - Walker George

Oxford University Press / —
— Fills the gap for a high level analysis of the maturing regime
— Effective guidance, often from the inside track, enables practitioners to find real solutions through interpretation of FSMA and the Handbook
— Coverage of EU and international initiatives including assessment of their impact on UK law and practice
— Includes discussion on up and coming developments including predictions on the likely impact of the — Transparency and Markets in Financial Instruments Directives
— Specialist writing team from private practice and the regulators ensures insightful examination of this area
Financial Services Law provides a long awaited detailed analysis of the regime under FSMA and subordinate legislation and the FSA handbook and rules. This book reflects the regime as it has matured and developed over the years since 2001. Many developments have occurred since the inception of the regime, two of the largest changes being the regulation of mortgage and insurance products for the first time. Full consideration is given of these new areas.
Enforcement and disputes are now also growing issues as a result of regulated bodies falling foul of the rules. The chapter on enforcement also includes a section on supervision setting out the FSA’s powers on the investigation of wrong doing. There is also a chapter on financial redress covering disputes, compensation and complaints.
In addition to topical coverage of EC Directives (such as MAD and MiFID) other influences external to the UK are included. There is a chapter on Europe covering progress and process from Maastricht to Lamfalussy and the impact of EU processes on UK law. The final chapter looks at global developments in this area including the work of a number of bodies relevant to this area (WTO, IOSCO, IAIS, FATF etc).
Written by a combined contributor team of leading city practitioners and key individuals from the FSA, the text provides high quality material in this topical and growing area.

ISBN: 9780199285792
твердый переплет, 1040 стр.
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