ACC Distribution — Appleton & Associates Architects: New Classicists, 2007 год

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Appleton & Associates Architects: New Classicists -

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— Outstanding new book in the strong-selling New Classicists series
— Premier classicists on the West Coast of America
— A peek at the beautiful houses that Appleton has designed for the rich and famous, including many stars of the silver screen
— Offers readers not only inspiration, but also a chance to dream
— Features many exceptional colour photographs, clear drawings and plans, many depicting Appleton’s famous classical detailing
The design work of Marc Appleton’s practice is a collaborative process with its clients, inspired by and responsive to their specific desires and needs. Frequently, it draws upon the time-honoured traditions of vernacular architecture, subtly reinterpreting them to evoke a presence of the past.
The firm strives to avoid a repetitiously personalised style and is committed to the idea that architecture is a craft rather than an art, a process rather than an object. Appleton agrees with fellow Californian architect William Wurste’s view that architecture is for people ‘the picture frame, and not the picture’.

ISBN: 9781920744601
твердый переплет, 272 стр.
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