ACC Distribution — International Annual of Floral Art 06/07, 2007 год

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International Annual of Floral Art 06/07 -

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After the success of the first International Annual of Floral Art, the second edition is sure to be another massive success among florists and flower lovers. The aim of this yearbook is to offer a sweeping panorama of the innovative floral art that exists internationally. Each year, the publisher’s world-renowned floral designers vouch for hundreds of entries, carefully selected by an international jury of specialists.
This 06/07 edition assembles even more personalities and creations that display the rich potential and variety in floristry today. This ‘floral annual’ has become a household name and is an invaluable source of inspiration; indulge in floral art styles from all over the world…

ISBN: 9789058562128
твердый переплет, 304 стр.
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