Alberto Pinto — Alberto Pinto Today, 2010 год

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Alberto Pinto Today - Alberto Pinto

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Alberto Pinto has infused contemporary flair into these his most recent interiors, which are the most innovative of his lengthy career. This sumptuously illustrated book features celebrated designer Alberto Pinto’s most recent interiors. A diverse range of locations from contemporary apartments in New York and London to an English castle, and from two exceptional yachts to offices in Greece and Turkey these interiors represent the most spectacular work of his career. Long-time fans of Pinto’s elegant, refined, and luxurious interiors will find new ideas, while new readers will be drawn to his innovative design responses to an eclectic variety of settings. Bringing fresh inspiration to established design principles, Pinto excels at creating a perfect harmony of volume and space. In Alberto Pinto Today, the designer brings together an unprecedented range of styles; he continues to defy ascribed categories and dismiss common preconceptions by translating his own style into each interior, according to the site, his clients tastes, and his own flair for creativity. To coincide with his companys fortieth anniversary, Pinto has opened a showroom in Paris and online where a broader market of interiors enthusiasts can access his exceptional furniture and tableware that previously had been reserved for his commissioning clients.

ISBN: 978-2-08-020074-7
твердый переплет, 256 стр.
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