Alex MacNaughton — London Street Art, 2006 год

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London Street Art - Alex MacNaughton

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This first-ever guide to focus solely on London street art proves that the city’s graffiti culture is clearly thriving.
Shot in a riot of color by press photographer Alex MacNaughton, London Street Art presents a broad spectrum of writers and graffiti artists from crews all over London, including Hoxton, Shoreditch, Camden, and Hackney. Providing a lasting record of the best writers on the London scene, it captures pieces that last only a matter of hours or days before they are removed. From vast free masterpieces on walls, quirky stencils on doorways and pavements, to subtle stickers, tags and signatures, London Street Art is as hilarious as it is political, and showcases some of the most current, exciting and fresh urban art forms in the world.

ISBN: 9783791336749
твердый переплет, 96 стр.
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