Bob Gruen — John Lennon: The New York Years, 2005 год

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John Lennon: The New York Years - Bob Gruen

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Bob Gruen first photographed John Lennon in 1971 and became his personal photographer and close friend shortly thereafter. Over the course of the next nine years, right up until Lennon was shot and killed, Gruen photographed him extensively. The book is filled with photos and reflections by Gruen on the circumstances surrounding the photo such as John’s relationship with Yoko, the role of the band Elephant’s Memory, how he dealt with fame, his first days with his son Sean, how he spiralled downward on alcohol fuelled binges. It is a true behind-the-scenes look at Lennon as a performer, a legend, and a person.

ISBN: 978-1-58479-432-5
твердый переплет, 176 стр.
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