Brimson Dougie — Eurotrashed, 2003 год

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Eurotrashed - Brimson Dougie

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Hooliganism may often be deemed the English disease, yet increasingly some of the most violent supporters come not from the UK but from the continent. The banner Welcome to Hell that was waved at Manchester United fans when they visited Galatasaray a few yeas ago became horribly true when two Leeds supporters were murdered by Turkish fans in 2000. But this was only one example of the increasing tide of shocking behaviour that was taking place in Italy, Holland, Germany and elsewhere. Dougie Brimson charts the growth of this new trend and explains the reasons behind this wave of violence. He asks what UEFA and the authorities can do to solve the problems and presents some of his own solutions.

ISBN: 9780755311101
мягкая обложка, 288 стр.
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