Buller Laura — Star Wars: Star Pilot level 3, 2005 год

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Star Wars: Star Pilot level 3 - Buller Laura

Dorling Kindersley / DK Readers
Level 3: Reading Alone. Practice your reading with this exciting Star Wars story!
Thrilling tales from the world of Star Wars for young readers. Part of a multilevel reading programme, this Level 3 DK Reader is intended for children who are able to read alone, and features lively, fact-packed text about the spaceships and vehicles of Star Wars.
The lively, age appropriate text encourages young readers to imagine they are characters in the film, struggling between the forces of good and evil!
— What is the biggest spaceship?
— What is the fastest vehicle?
— This exciting book has all the answers!
The stunning photographs, vivid film stills, combined with lively illustrations and engaging stories are guaranteed to capture children’s interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge.

ISBN: 9781405309073
мягкая обложка, 48 стр.
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