Colin Harrison — The Havana Room

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The Havana Room - Colin Harrison

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Bill Wyeth is a successful attorney in his late thirties with a beautiful wife and son. Some would say he has it all, but, by the merest of chances, one day he loses everything: family, job, status. Unmoored and alone, Wyeth drifts toward the city’s darker corners, where restoration seems unlikely, redemption impossible.
At his lowest ebb, Wyeth finds himself in an old-time Manhattan steakhouse where he becomes intrigued by the manager, Allison Sparks — sexy, complicated, and independent. She controls access to a private basement bar. This is the Havana Room, and what goes on in there, he’s told, is secret and available only to a privileged few.
When Wyeth agrees to help a friend of Allison’s in concluding a last-minute real-estate transaction he knows something is wrong. He soon finds himself sucked into a world far darker and more terrifying than anything he has previously known and he realises that he will have to unlock the deadly secrets of the Havana Room in order to survive.

ISBN: 9780747577423
?, 400 стр.
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