Colin White — Strategic Management, 2004 год

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Strategic Management - Colin White

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Strategic management is challenging and dangerous. A complex web of differing theories and approaches, it continuously emerges and evolves. More intuitive than rational, it offers significant benefits if done well, potentially catastrophic results if done badly.
Colin White’s contemporary text reflects the challenges of formulating, implementing and monitoring strategy in practice, discussing theories and approaches in the context of real-world practice around the globe.
By acknowledging the complex reality of strategy and presenting examples from a wide range of international organizations, this book will enable you to:
·Understand the challenges you will encounter when implementing strategy in practice.
·Develop your own strategic approaches and solutions to real-life situations and dilemmas.
·Acquire the latest thinking in this constantly developing subject.
·Appreciate the critical role of implementation, monitoring and risk within organizations.
·Consider the global nature of strategy for multinational corporations.

ISBN: 9781403904003
мягкая обложка, 880 стр.
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