Collier J. — Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Flexicover)

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Flexicover) - Collier J.

Oxford University Press / —
— Ten books in one; the ultimate companion to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
— Full of practical advice with dosages and step-by-step guidance
— Incorporates a philosophy of care that is respected world-wide
— Authoritative and cross-checked by subject experts
— Now with full-colour clinical photographs for the first time
New to this edition
— New authors for the Orthopaedics and Trauma and Psychiatry chapters
— New emphasis on patient-centred medicine
— Takes account of the new curriculum
— An evidence-based medicine approach, but not without forgetting to stress a humane approach to patients and their medical problems
The seventh edition of this highly acclaimed Oxford Handbook covers all the major specialties not covered in its companion handbook, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. It continues to provide all the ideas and facts essential to those who will or who are already caring for patients whose needs may or may not fit within the traditional bounds of individual specialties. The text is concise and clear and laid out in the Oxford Handbooks’ characteristic style of page-a-topic format, leaving space for the reader’s own updatings and refinements.
Updated throughout with extensive revisions in key chapters and all new colour illustrations, the text goes from stength to strength with every new edition. It is thoroughly up-to-date and more evidence-based than ever before. This pocket-sized book is brimming with practical advice and contains hundreds of links to reliable medical internet sites such as Medline and Clinical Evidence, enabling the reader to probe deeper into the topics covered.
Above all, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties remains human and humorous, and in this edition there is an increased emphasis on patient centred medicine. It provides not only the practical aspects of medical care, but also a philosophy of medicine which has come to be respected around the world.

ISBN: 9780198530855
?, 864 стр.
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