Conway LLoyd Morgan — Logos, Letterheads and Business Cards, 2006 год

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Logos, Letterheads and Business Cards - Conway LLoyd Morgan

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This book brings together the complimentary works of Logos by Conway Lloyd Morgan and Letterheads & Business Cards by Chris Foges. The combination provides a fascinating insight into the world of logos, branding and corporate culture, followed by a study of its application to stationary.
Logos looks in detail at a range of projects, examining the background, purpose and methodology of the design in each case, accompanied by comments from the designers themselves and illustrations of each solution and its application.
Letterheads & Business Cards features 60 projects from around the world, analysing how briefs were met through careful use of typography, illustration, materials, format and printing techniques.

ISBN: 9782940361601
мягкая обложка, 320 стр.
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