Dorling Kindersley — Rome, 2006 год

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Rome -

Dorling Kindersley / DKGuide
«To ensure when in Rome you do as the Romans do, don’t leave home without this indispensable guide» Rome may be the Eternal City but it is constantly changing. This Eyewitness Travel Guide provides highly detailed and descriptive information ranging from ancient sites such as the Colosseum to modern nightclubs, shops and trattoria. Explore St Peters Square and discover the hidden secrets of the Sistine Chapel using the unique cutaway maps and 3D models. There are plenty of carefully selected restaurants, cafes and coffee houses to enjoy a traditional Ristretto and biscotti. Rome is a capital for all the family to enjoy.

ISBN: 9781405310901
твердый переплет, 448 стр.
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Математика? Запросто! Экспресс курс по математике
Полка из дерева своими руками

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