Dyer — Research in psychology, 2006 год

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Research in psychology - Dyer

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Doing Research in Psychology is the concise and accessible second edition of Colin Dyer’s popular text Beginning Research in Psychology. Entirely rewritten and updated, this introductory methods and statistics text for psychology students: — Presents thorough coverage of key areas and topics — Meets the current needs of undergraduates (particularly those at Level 1) — Provides consistently clear exposition and explanation, while remaining succinct and concise — Recognises the need for a clear focus on the practicalities of research (the «how to do it» element) — Includes qualitative, as well as quantitative, approaches. Students are guided through the book by individual chapter maps, while key terms and concepts boxes, including supplementary information, elaborate on the argument at hand. Finally, chapter summaries, extension questions and activities, references and suggestions for further reading allow students to advance their research even further.

ISBN: 9781405125260
мягкая обложка, 336 стр.
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