Eddleston M. — Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine (Flexicover)

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Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine (Flexicover) - Eddleston M.

Oxford University Press / —
— An accessible Handbook of bedside reference for junior doctors with little senior support
— Consistent presentation of information helps the reader build up knowledge in tropical medicine
— Includes a range of protocols developed by the World Health Organization which allows a structured approach to patient care and can be adapted to national policies and local conditions
New to this edition
— Extensive update which includes major revisions to the cardiology, chest medicine, renal, and endocrinology sections
— New material on mental health, ophthalmology, and BJST infections
— New colour plate section
The Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine provides clear and concise coverage for practitioners and students in the tropics. Medical conditions are ordered by system except for the five major tropical conditions — malaria, HIV/STDs, tuberculosis, diarrhoeal diseases, and acute respiratory infections — and fevers. The book has been designed to be as practical as possible with illustrations of blood films and stool smears, which are useful for diagnosis, as well as clinical features, diagnosis, and management. In this new edition the cardiology, chest medicine, renal, and endocrinology sections have undergone major revision, and there is new material on mental health and ophthalmology.

ISBN: 9780198525097
?, 712 стр.
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