Edvard Radzinsky — Alexander II The Last Great Tsar, 2006 год

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Alexander II The Last Great Tsar - Edvard Radzinsky

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Edvard Radzinsky is justly famous as both a biographer and a dramatist, and he brings both skills to bear in this vivid, page-turning, rich portrait of one of the greatest of all Romanovs. Alexander II was Russia’s Lincoln — he freed the serfs, promised a new, more liberal state for everyone, yet was brought down by a determined group of terrorist anarchists who tried to kill him six times before finally, fatefully, succeeding. His story proves the timeless lesson that in Russia, it is dangerous to start reforms, but even more dangerous to stop them. It also shows that the traps and dangers encountered in today’s war on terrorists were there 150 years ago.

ISBN: 9780743284264
мягкая обложка, 480 стр.
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