Elaine O’reilly — Penguin Active Reading 2: Another World (+ CD-ROM), 2007 год

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Penguin Active Reading 2: Another World (+ CD-ROM) - Elaine O'reilly

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An exciting new series which provides reading and language learning at five levels. As well as enjoyable stories and texts, each book provides a range of integrated activities designed to develop reading skills, consolidate vocabulary, and offer personalised project work. Each book is supported by a CD-ROM which contains additional activities and the complete audio recording.
What’s special about Penguin Active Reading?
Beautiful illustrations, photographs, maps and diagrams help to bring the stories alive and reinforce meaning
Integrated activities help your students think about the story/text in advance, check comprehension, learn new vocabulary and practise key grammar structures
Outside the classroom — a bank of ideas for project work, as well as a great range of background information on related themes
Student motivation — a fully-interactive CD-ROM (includes complete audio recording) and supporting website complement the activities contained in the book
Help with testing — an unbeatable choice of activities in the book and on the CD-ROM
Every title has its own photocopiable worksheet packed with background information about the book and author as well as a range of activities to practise new vocabulary and grammar, increase comprehension and develop all four skills.
Regular test questions help check students’ understanding of the story and language so problem areas can be identified immediately.

ISBN: 9781405852067
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