Francesco Alberti — Hybrid Interiors: New Combinations for Contemporary Living, 2007 год

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Hybrid Interiors: New Combinations for Contemporary Living - Francesco Alberti

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Hybrid Interiors presents twenty-five imaginative interiors where styles, cultures, trends and end uses are mixed and matched. These spaces – from Amsterdam to Rome, from Berlin to Beijing – provide settings for a dialogue between contemporary design and historic preservation, living space and working space, and classic style and popular culture.
The idiosyncratic experiments on the pages of this book provide a rich source of inspiration to those seeking to break away from the overworked catalogue of formulas used in the field of interior design.
This is a vibrant showcase of exuberant interiors that fly in the face of received design opinion – packed with inspiration and ideas for creating unorthodox and surprising environments that play the game of opposites.

ISBN: 9780500513880
твердый переплет, 304 стр.
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