Freely J. — Byzantine Monuments of Istanbul

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Byzantine Monuments of Istanbul - Freely J.

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Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire from 330 until 1453 and was renowned for the beauty and grandeur of its churches and palaces. The extant Byzantine monuments of Istanbul include more than 20 churches, most notably Haghia Sophia, as well as the remains of the land and sea walls, the Hippodrome, imperial palaces, commemorative columns, reservoirs and cisterns, an aqueduct, a triumphal archway and a fortified port. They are described here in chronological order and in the context of their times, through the political, religious, social, economic, intellectual and artistic developments in the dynasties that came to power during the turbulent Byzantine age. A major part of the architectural and artistic heritage of Byzantium, these monuments also serve as a link between the world of classical antiquity and the new epochs of early modern Europe and the Ottoman Empire.
• Only book devoted to the Byzantine monuments of Istanbul, describing structures in detail
• Puts monuments into historical context of Byzantine Constantinople
• The most complete photographic record of all the Byzantine monuments of Istanbul to date

ISBN: 9780521772570
твердый переплет, 342 стр.
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