Gabriella Belli — Legends of the Open Road

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Legends of the Open Road - Gabriella Belli

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Throughout the 20th century, the automobile industry has become a symbol of modernity. These twenty-first century prototypes-such as the Volkswagen Beetle, the Fiat 500, the great sports cars designed by Pininfarina for Ferrari, and the Mini Minor by Issigonis-all had a mix of design and technological innovation that made them marvels of contemporary life. This catalog illustrates the creative life of the most prestigious European and American car manufacturers in history. An in-depth examination of their design process and technological innovations offers an unprecedented look into the well-known names of the automobile age, as well as some of the world’s rarest models. From the creative process to the making of timeless automobile design, this publication presents the automobile culture in all its glory.

ISBN: 9788861300668
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