Gary Shteyngart — Super Sad True Love Story, 2010 год

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Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart

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New York, Summer, Very near future, Economic collapse, tanks in the streets, riots in Central Park, defeat in Venezuela, books are quaint artefacts, what’s left of the indebted United States is about to be parcelled out to the rising nations of Finance-London and China-Worldwide, and what’s left of interpersonal relations can be summarized by a couple of flashing statistics on attractiveness and wealth. But Lenny Abramov is too in love to notice any of it. The son of working-class Russian immigrants, a bumbling minor functionary in a company that just may hold the secret to eternal life, and the reluctant star of a show called «101 People We Need To Feel Sorry For», he has fallen way too hard for the imperious Eunice Park, a blistering, beautiful Korean-American, a seductive shopper and brilliant money-spender who still knows how to speak in sentences, and a true child of her times. As the country around them explodes into a million glittering pieces, the two will discover whether love is still possible in a world where words have lost their meaning, and where every touch, embrace and kiss could be mistaken for a commodity.

ISBN: 978-0-8129-8195-7
мягкая обложка, 334 стр.
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