HarperCollins Publishers — Collins World Atlas, mini Edition, 2004 год

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Collins World Atlas, mini Edition -

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A completely new and re-titled edition of the hugely successful Collins Mini Atlas of the World. This fully revised and re-styled edition brings the atlas into the exciting and distinctive style of the new range of Collins world atlases. Collins world atlases provide an exciting new view of the world through innovative mapping and the dynamic presentation of world information. This new edition brings the Mini Edition into the distinctive new Collins style. Detailed maps, specifically designed for this small format, provide balanced and up-to-date coverage of the world. The maps rely on the latest cartographic technology to ensure their accuracy, accessibility and distinctive style. The level of detail is impressive for such a small format atlas, and the index contains references to over 20,000 place names. The reference maps are complemented by thematic maps showing the world’s physical features, countries, climate, and population. Information and detailed statistics on the physical features of each continent are included and have been redesigned in colour. In addition, a comprehensive guide to the world’s states and territories, including flags and details of area, population, capital, languages, religions and currency make this a perfect atlas for quick reference in the home or at school or college.

ISBN: 9780007157303
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