Holder Jane — Current Legal Problems 2005: Vol. 58, 2006 год

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Current Legal Problems 2005: Vol. 58 - Holder Jane

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— In keeping with the established reputation of this annual publication, it features leading academic figures including past and current OUP authors Conor Gearty, Ralph Wilde, Reinhard Zimmermann, Mark Freedland, and Catherine Redgewell
— Topics covered include Analytical Jurisprudence, Medical and Family Ethics, Private Law, Public International law, Human Rights, EU Law, Labour Law, and Biotechnology
The 58th volume of Current Legal Problems, like its predecessors, explores a wide variety of issues. The contributions range across Analytical Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Medical and Family Ethics, International Law, EU Law, Military Detention, English Criminal Law, Terrorism, Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Media Expression, Feminism, Economic Theory, Corporate Law, Competition Regulation, Labour Law, Biotechnology, and Biodiversity.
Amongst the contributors to this volume are Daniel Farber, Conor Gearty, Ralph Wilde, Edwin Cameron, Jonathan Rogers, Robin Morse, Jo Bridgeman, Linda Mulcahy, Alison Diduck, Jo Shaw, James Penner, Vivienne Brown, John Armour, Reinhard Zimmermann, Michael Spence, Mark Freedland, and Catherine Redgewell. A companion volume containing the proceedings of UCL’s annual inter-disciplinary colloquium is published each year under the umbrella title Current Legal Issues.

ISBN: 9780199285396
твердый переплет, 580 стр.
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