Jack Prelutsky — 20th Century Children’s Poetry Trea, 1999 год

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20th Century Children's Poetry Trea - Jack Prelutsky

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So writes Jack Prelutsky in his introduction to this exciting companion volume to the highly successful 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury. Prelutsky has selected over 200 short, fun-to-read poems by 137 outstanding poets of this century. Though every decade is represented, the majority of the poems were written since children’s poetry entered its golden age, about 35 years ago. The poems are arranged by topics, such as sports, sibling rivalry, outer space, food fights, and just plain silliness, as well as the ageless themes of children’s poetry-imagination, nature, the seasons, weather, and the many moods of human beings. Every page of the book is beautifully designed and illustrated with evocative watercolor paintings by Meilo So, who last collaborated with Prelutsky on The Beauty of the Beast. An excellent value, The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury is a stunning gift edition that belongs in every child’s home library.

ISBN: 978-0-679-89314-1
твердый переплет, 96 стр.
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