Jacqueline Rayner — Doctor Who: The Sontaran Games, 2009 год

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Doctor Who: The Sontaran Games - Jacqueline Rayner

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Every time the lights go out, someone dies… The Tardis lands at an academy for top athletes, all hoping to be chosen for the forthcoming Globe Games. But is one of them driven enough to resort to murder? The Doctor discovers that the students have been hushing up unexplained deaths. Teaming up with a young swimmer called Emma, the Doctor begins to investigate — but he doesn’t expect to find a squad of Sontarans invading the academy! As the Sontarans begin their own lethal version of the Globe Games, the Doctor and Emma must find out what’s really going on. But the Doctor is captured and forced to take part in the Sontaran Games. Can even a Time Lord survive this deadly contest? Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.

ISBN: 978-1-84607-643-5
мягкая обложка, 112 стр.
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