James Joyce — Ulysses, 2008 год

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Ulysses - James Joyce

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Set entirely on one day, 16 June 1904, «Ulysses» follows Leopold Bloom and Stephen Daedalus as they go about their daily business in Dublin. From this starting point, James Joyce constructs a novel of extraordinary imaginative richness and depth. Unique in the history of literature, «Ulysses» is one of the most important and enjoyable works of the twentieth century. «Ulysses» was Paris in 1922. It was first published in Great Britain by The Bodley Head in 1960. In 1974 a team of scholars, led by Professor Hans Walter Gabler, began to study manuscript evidence, typescripts and proofs in an attempt to reconstruct as closely as possible the creative process by which Joyce wrote «Ulysses». This text is the revised 1993 edition of Gabler’s version.

ISBN: 9780099511199
мягкая обложка, 672 стр.
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