James Twining — The Geneva Deception, 2009 год

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The Geneva Deception - James Twining

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Mafia, a secret society and the world’s greatest treasures all converge in James Twining’s all new jaw — dropping thriller featuring reformed art thief Tom Kirk It begins with a young man hanging from the Ponte Sant’ Angelo Rome, his pockets weighed down with lead whilst the current of the river below slowly tightens the noose around his neck. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, retired art thief Tom Kirk is asked by an old friend to investigate a case involving the theft of a long lost Caravaggio painting. When tragedy strikes Tom is left holding a blood-soaked body. Back in Rome police photographer Flavia Salvatore has been called to the Parthenon where a second body has been found, but this time the body is surrounded by mannequins. When a third body is found crucified upside down in the middle of the ancient forum Flavia realises there is a sinister link between the murders. Someone is staging famous Caravaggio paintings. Suspecting the detective leading the case is corrupt Flavia begins her own investigation. Spurred on by grief and the desire to avenge the murder of his friend, Tom follows a trail to Rome where he finds Flavia piecing together a similar mystery. Before long they both finds themselves submerged in a vast criminal conspiracy involving the police, politicians, the church and a secret society born of a pact between two Mafia families decades before.

ISBN: 978-0-00-723043-3
мягкая обложка, 560 стр.
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