Jansz Jeroen — A Social history of psychology, 2003 год

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A Social history of psychology - Jansz Jeroen

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A Social History of Psychology documents the rise of psychology in the twentieth century and its growing influence on Western society. The book focuses on practical, or «applied», psychology and examines the causes and social consequences of psychology’s omnipresence in society. After a general overview of the history of psychology as a practical discipline, the book provides detailed accounts of the role of psychology in the fields of child rearing and education, work, mental health care, culture and ethnicity, delinquency and law, and attitudes and social orientations.Focusing on psychology as a social enterprise, A Social History of Psychology is a unique resource for understanding the history and development of contemporary psychology.

ISBN: 9780631215714
мягкая обложка, 280 стр.
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