Jason King — The Michael Jackson Treasures: Celebrating the King of Pop in Photos and Memorabilia, 2009 год

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The Michael Jackson Treasures: Celebrating the King of Pop in Photos and Memorabilia - Jason King

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Michael Jackson was one of the greats, an icon of the highest order whose talent and legacy remain indelibly etched in the memories of his fans. In a fitting tribute to his extraordinary, influential work, The Michael Jackson Treasures will showcase 180 images and 15 to 20 items of removable memorabilia to offer fans a hands-on exploration of his day-to-day struggles and triumphs. The text will trace the evolution of his career from The Jackson 5 all the way through his early solo work, to the runaway success of Thriller, his legal troubles, and the outpouring of support and memories from fans and friends after his death. With an elegant, eye-catching foil cover treatment and vellum envelopes to house the removable items, the complete package will become a celebration of Michael Jackson’s complicated, fascinating life.

ISBN: 978-1-84737-797-5
твердый переплет, 176 стр.
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