Jenna McKnight — A Date on Cloud Nine, 2004 год

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A Date on Cloud Nine - Jenna McKnight

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Jenna McKnight dazzles with a romantic comedy featuring a woman who has been sent back from heaven to «do something really important»… if she doesn’t get distracted by the very sexy Jackson Murdoch first!
Lilly Marquette doesn’t need angels to tell her it’s not her time. After all, she’s not even thirty. But while checking out the incredibly hot guy behind the counter of a «toy» shop, the furnace blows, and poof, Lilly is headed for the pearly gates! But instead of St. Peter, she’s greeted by. John and Elizabeth? These guardian angels are giving Lilly one last chance to get it right.and to finally choose the right man.
Jake Murdock is hot, sexy, and he may even be the right man, but he wants nothing to do with Lilly He believes she stole three million dollars from him in an insurance scam, and now he’s watching helplessly as she gives away his money! And the more he tries to stop her, the more she goes on about angels making her do it. His mind should be on revenge, but when she bats those long sexy lashes at him, it suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. Not when he has a chance to show her that theirs is a passion that comes only once in a lifetime.

ISBN: 978-0-06-054928-2
мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
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