Joanne Harris — Sleep, Pale Sister, 2004 год

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Sleep, Pale Sister - Joanne Harris

Transworld Publishers / —
Henry Chester, a domineering and puritanical Victorian artist, is in search of the perfect model. In nine-year-old Effie he finds her.
Ten years later, lovely, childlike and sedated, Effie seems the ideal wife. But something inside her is about to awaken.
Drawn by her lover, Mose, into a dangerous underworld of intrigue and blackmail, she meets Fanny Miller, the brothel-keeper, and her shadowy daughter, Marta — murdered ten years ago on the day of Henry’s weekly visit…
And as friendship becomes possession and Henry’s secret past is revealed, Effie and Marta plan their revenge together.

ISBN: 9780552771788
мягкая обложка, 400 стр.
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