Jonathan Carroll — White Apples, 2004 год

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White Apples - Jonathan Carroll

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Vincent Ettrich, an engaging philanderer, discovers that he has died and come back to life — but he has no idea why, or any memory of the experience. Beset by peculiar omens and strange characters, including a talking rat and an inexplicable tattoo on the neck of his most recent lover, he gradually discovers that he was deliberately brought back by his one true love, Isabelle, because she is pregnant with their son — a child who, if correctly raised, will play a crucial role in saving the cosmic mosaic that is the universe.
But to be brought up right, he must be educated by his own father. Specifically, he must be taught what Ettrich learned on the other side — if only Ettrich himself can remember it!
Tempting and provocative, White Apples is forbidden fruit plucked straight from the orchard of Jonathan Carroll’s abundant and legendary imagination.

ISBN: 9780330492744
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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