Kelly — Writing from Within Intro Teacher’s Manual

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Writing from Within Intro Teacher's Manual - Kelly

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Writing From Within Intro is the first level of a two-level writing text that draws on students’ world knowledge, beliefs, culture, and perceptions to teach organization as well as other aspects of the writing process. Every unit contains brainstorming activities, analysis of writing models, activities focusing on organization, and pre-writing, writing, and post-writing activities. This book is designed to be suitable for large as well as small classes. It has 12 units with self-contained one- or two-page sections, as well as self-contained activities that do not require completion of all previous ones — an advantage in a class where students attend irregularly. There are activities to elicit both oral and written feedback from peers, and optional real-world expansion activities, giving learners the opportunity to communicate with English speakers outside of class.

ISBN: 9780521606257
мягкая обложка, 86 стр.
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