Kim Smits — Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear, 2008 год

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Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear - Kim Smits

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Customizing is hot. Everything can be customized: from pimped cars to retro furniture. This major trend is especially popular in footwear. Customizing your own shoes is a way of stepping out of the crowd, of showing your personality. And, just about every sneaker brand has found a way to put street art into their products; rain boots have never been more hip; and there are even Customize festivals and exhibitions.By inviting 150 artists and illustrators to show/create customized shoes the book will appeal not only to sneaker freaks, fashion fetishists and trend watchers, but also to the graphic design and art audience. The main focus is on the artwork but the text examines the trend and asks: how did it start? What materials do the artists use? There are also tips and tricks on how to create your very own unique shoes.

ISBN: 9781856695428
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