Laurell K. Hamilton — Narcissus in Chains, 2002 год

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Narcissus in Chains - Laurell K. Hamilton

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Six months have passed since Anita has seen either Jean-Claude or Richard. Six months of celibacy. Six months of indecision. Six months of danger. For her body carries the marks of both vampire and werewolf, and until the truimvariate is consummated, all three remain vulnerable.
But when a kidnapper targets innocents that Anita has sworn to protect, she needs all the help she can get. In an earth-shattering union, Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard merge the marks — and melt into one another. Suddenly, Anita can harness both their powers. She can feel their hearts…hear their thoughts…know their hungers…
Nothing can save Anita from a twist of fate that draws her ever closer to the brink of humanity-to finally surrender to the bloodlust, the beast and the desire transforming her body and consuming her soul….

ISBN: 9780515133875
мягкая обложка, 656 стр.
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