Louis Bou — NYC BCN: Street Art Revolution, 2007 год

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NYC BCN: Street Art Revolution - Louis Bou

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Stunning and vibrant artwork can be found on buildings, sidewalks, street signs, and other surfaces in cities around the world. New York City is considered the birthplace of graffiti and has been a cradle for urban artists since the beginning of the 1970’s. Thousands of miles away in Barcelona, the city streets are filled with an explosion of creativity. Since the graffiti laws there have been more lenient in recent years, artists from around the world have journeyed to this vibrant city to leave behind their colorful work on walls, road signs, and street furniture. New York and Barcelona have become the street art capitals of the world, with graffiti, stickers, stencils, and posters turning the urban scenery into outdoor exhibition galleries. NYC BCN explores the ephemeral street art in these two cities, making it a unique and historical record of an ever-changing creative movement. All the photos included in the book are brand new and were taken in 2005.

ISBN: 9780061210044
твердый переплет, 650 стр.
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