Madonna — Catch the Bouquet, 2010 год

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Catch the Bouquet - Madonna

Penguin Group / —
The final installment to the chapter book series featuring Madonnaas bestselling characters, the English Roses!
The English Rosesa number-one teacher, Miss Fluffernutter, is getting marriedato Binahas father! The Roses couldnat be happier for their beloved teacher, or for Binah, whose own mother died when she was just a baby. And Binah is thrilled at the idea of having a stepmother like Miss Fathat is, until she realizes that a new woman in her fatheras life means less time for Binah. Binah misses her father terribly. And it doesnat help that Charlotte is driving everyone nuts trying to plan the perfect wedding. Can the English Roses save this walk down the aisle from going totally awry?

ISBN: 978-0-14-241129-2
твердый переплет, 128 стр.
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