Margaret Atwood — Up in the Tree (+ Audio CD), 2010 год

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Up in the Tree (+ Audio CD) - Margaret Atwood

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Playful, whimsical and wry, this is a beautiful picture book with a simple message at its heart. It is also classic Margaret Atwood and a wonderful gift for any lover of her words. Written, illustrated and hand-lettered by M.A., Up In the Tree was first published in 1978, and is the story of two children who make their home up in the branches of a tree, where they are free to do whatever they choose. But when the ladder they rely on to get back down again is destroyed, some of their freedom disappears, too, and the children begin to wonder what they might be missing, down amongst the ground dwellers — until they have an ingenious idea, which helps them to decide what they really prefer once and for all!

ISBN: 978-0-7475-9417-8
мягкая обложка, 32 стр.
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