Mark W. Janis — European Human Rights Law: Text and Materials, 2008 год

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European Human Rights Law: Text and Materials - Mark W. Janis

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• In-depth coverage of all the principal articles of the Convention, providing students of European human rights law with a complete resource
• Provides a wide selection of extracts from essential cases, with clear commentary from three leading experts in the field, ensuring students can assess the significance of judicial decisions with confidence
• Sets the Strasbourg legal system in its political and historical context to bring the subject to life and foster a more realistic understanding of the law in context
• Extensive comparative material from other constitutional courts provides students with a useful international perspective
New to this edition
• New chapters on right to life, right to religious freedom, and right to an education
• Contributions from Professor Jim Murdoch and Professor Aileen McColgan on new chapters on right to property and right against discrimination
• Expanded treatment of court procedure and remedies
• Further reference to human rights theory and academic journal articles
• Enhanced layout and page design
The third edition of European Human Rights Law: Text and Materials has been substantially expanded to provide a complete review of the wide range of rights the Convention protects, with new chapters on the right to life, property, discrimination, religious freedom, and education. The book introduces both the process and the substance of this increasingly important area of European law.
A broad selection of extracts from essential cases and materials is accompanied by stimulating commentary that guides the reader through the legal rules and court system that have evolved in Strasbourg, how the court works, and how European human rights law is enforced both at the national and international level. European human rights law is also placed into a useful comparative framework alongside human rights cases decided by courts in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.
This third edition has been extensively updated to cover the major developments of recent years, including the reform of the European Court of Human Rights and the expansion of the system to central and eastern Europe.

ISBN: 9780199277469
мягкая обложка, 957 стр.
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