Mersand Joseph — Spelling the Easy Way 4th, 2006 год

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Spelling the Easy Way 4th - Mersand Joseph

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Even in today’s era of computer spell checking, it’s important for everybody to know how to spell words correctly. For those of us who speak and write in English—with its countless exceptions to spelling rules—that’s easier said than done. This book will help students, businesspeople, and everybody else master the art of spelling. The authors examine reasons why we misspell, then offer tips for improvement. Their methods include learning basic spelling rules, developing memory devices, and acquiring the habit of using a good dictionary. The authors explain homonyms and homophones, provide lists of frequently misspelled words, and present hundreds of quick-check exercises designed to improve every reader’s spelling.

ISBN: 9780764134104
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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