Michael Curtis Ford — Sword of Attila: A Novel of Last Years of Rome, 2006 год

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Sword of Attila: A Novel of Last Years of Rome - Michael Curtis Ford

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For centuries, Rome had ruled from Africa to the wilds of Britain. Now, from across a broad plain of waving grass, a new enemy had poured out of the East—to be led by a man whose goal was not just victory in battle, but the end of an empire…
In his novels of ancient warfare, Michael Curtis Ford captures the roar, clamor and horror of battle as well as the intimate moments of human choice upon which history turns. In his extraordinary new work, he brings to life the buckling Roman empire in 400 A.D., a jagged, sprawling realm of foreign fighters, unstable rulers, and battle lines stretched too far. At this pivotal moment, General Flavius Aetius is forced into a battle he does not want but cannot afford to lose. Once Flavius lived among the wild Huns, rode their stout warhorses and became like a son to their king. Now, he faces a man who once saved his life, a man he fears, loves and admires… a man named Attila—the most dangerous enemy Rome has ever known….

ISBN: 9780312939151
мягкая обложка, 432 стр.
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