Patterson James — The Quickie, 2008 год

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The Quickie - Patterson James

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When Lauren Stillwell sees her husband with another woman, her perfect world is destroyed. His betrayal turns her into a woman lusting for revenge. It was supposed to be a way to even the score. But Lauren’s one night stand takes a shocking turn, and she witnesses an unbelievable crime. She’s left torn between uncovering the truth and her fear that the truth may be unbearable. But either choice could cost her everything — even her life. From the man the Sunday Telegraph called ‘the master of the suspense genre’ comes his steamiest, scariest novel since the No. 1 bestseller Honeymoon. The Quickie is a story of desires, secrets, and consequences that will have your heart pounding till the final page.

ISBN: 9780755335725
мягкая обложка, 416 стр.
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