Pearse Lesley — Remember Me

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Remember Me - Pearse Lesley

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‘As long as I’m still breathing then I’ll still hope’
Mary Broad is just eighteen when, one spring day in 1786, she makes a foolish mistake and steals a hat from a passerby. For this crime she is sentenced to death.
But then she is given a reprieve: she is to be one of several hundred convicts who will sail to a new colony on the other side of the world – Australia. For a Cornish girl who has previously never been further than Plymouth, this is almost as horrifying a fate as death.
Suddenly, courage and determination are all Mary has. She promises herself one thing – she will survive whatever it takes. How she accomplishes this, in spite of the horrors that lie ahead of her, not just for herself but also for those she loves, is breathtakingly audacious.
Based on a true story, Remember Me is quite simply one of the most gripping and moving tales of human endeavour you will ever read.

ISBN: 9780141006499
мягкая обложка, 560 стр.
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