Pete Earley — Super Casino: Inside the «New» Las Vegas, 2001 год

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Super Casino: Inside the

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In this lively and probing book, award-winning author Pete Earley traces the extraordinary evolution of Las Vegas — from the gaudy Mecca of the Rat Pack era to one of the country’s top family vacation spots. He revisits the city’s checkered history of moguls, mobsters, and entertainers, reveals the real stories of well-known power brokers like Steve Wynn and legends like Howard Hughes and Bugsy Siegel, and offers a fascinating portrait of the life, death, and fantastic rebirth of the Las Vegas Strip.
Earley also documents the gripping tale of the entrepreneurs behind the rise and fall and rise again of one of the largest gaming corporations in the nation, Circus — to which he was given unique access. In his trademark you-are-there style, he takes us behind the scenes to meet the blackjack dealers and hookers, the heavy hitters and bit players, the security officers, cabbies, and showgirls who are caught up in the mercurial pace that pulses at the heart of this astounding city.

ISBN: 9780553573497
мягкая обложка, 512 стр.
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