R. Klanten — Los Logos 4 (bilingual German/English), 2008 год

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Los Logos 4 (bilingual German/English) - R. Klanten

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«Los Logos 4» is the latest addition to Gestalten‘s line of books on contemporary logo design. This compendium provides an authoritative overview of current developments and advances in logo design, one of the most prestigious of creative disciplines which represent the essential visual identity of brands, companies and their philosophies.
At 568 pages, «Los Logos 4» is the largest volume to date, showcasing a collection of contemporary logo design by bourgeoning design talent and once again offering an essential resource for all designers. This state-of-the-art visual encyclopaedia provides a quality selection of over 5,000 examples of stylistic approaches by designers from around the globe. Fully indexed and structured thematically, the book draws connections between the applications and the fields for which they were intended.
«Los Logos 4» is the perfect companion to the Logos series and an unparalleled publication on contemporary logo design. The series has proved to be a precursor to styles and trends in logo design and highlighted the increased relevance and importance of the logo in the 21st Century.

ISBN: 978-3-89955-222-5
твердый переплет, 568 стр.
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